Skills, Training, Competence and Quality Management of Welding

  • The workshop covers the common challenges plaguing global welding industry such as lack of experienced and competent welders and welding inspectors/engineers.
  • The session explores the opportunity to create a training path that includes the use of Virtual Reality, Smart power sources and other tools that can be incorporated into a training program to develop welding technicians for the modern production environment.
  • The workshop aims at exploring international standards, certification, and quality management system in welding-dependent industries.
  • Participants can discuss welding related skills and abilities required to produce, create, and foster growth in the kingdom.

Dr. Scales is the Business Manager of Education for the Lincoln Electric Company. In this role he oversees the Welding Education and Technology Center, development of advanced training products, curriculum, books, technical documents, and specialized training programs for customers and welding education groups. He is also engaged in research and development of ways to enhance welding education programs to meet the challenges of today’s welding markets.

Mr. SayeeRaghunathan is currently a Welding Engineering Specialist at Saudi Aramco. Sayee has over 21 years professional experience as welding engineer in fabrication and installation of offshore facilities and pipelines, fabrication of pressure equipment, welding consumables and equipment development and welding consultancy. Before joining Saudi Aramco in July 2013, he was an Associate Director at TWI and a Visiting Professor at Manchester University in UK. He is a recipient of the 2012 Leslie Lidstone Medal sponsored by ESAB Group UK.