Procurement of Carbon Steel Pipes and Equipment for Wet Sour Service

  • This workshop covers requirements of materials of construction intended for handling gas/liquid containing water and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) known as wet sour environments.
  • These material requirements include new sour service pipe/equipment intended for installation in upstream and downstream wet sour applications.
  • Procurement of substandard HIC resistant material for previous wet-sour projects that resulted in project delay and significant financial impact led to the development of this awareness workshop.

Mohammed has over 35 years of experience in Saudi Aramco (SA). He is a metallurgical engineering senior consultant; holding a master’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Ohio State University, USA. Mohammed served as a Chairman of Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee at SA for 12 years and also Chaired the Gulf Standard Organization (GSO) Technical Committee for Piping and Pipe Fittings. He is considered as one of the lead engineers in the area of sour services with in-depth knowledge and experience in materials selection and testing, failure analysis and manufacturing of piping and equipment. Additionally, he published a chapter in the newly developed International Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis with case studies from the oil and gas industry.