Onshore and Sabkha Area Repair

  • The workshop covers the basics of composite theory (fiber & polymer types) to provide both general and very specific information associated with composite applications.
  • The workshop discusses various “best practices” and how to recognize the important items versus critical items related to a composite repair point out some of the “do’s and don’ts” on how to effectively approach a repair.
  • This workshop highlights the repair complexity of coating and composites applications in Subkha condition.
  • The course will also cover known inspection methods used to assess the quality and integrity of a composite repair.

Jim has over 32 year experience in composites beginning in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Jim worked during the last 21 years in Oil & Gas Rehabilitation Industry, having held positions such as Manufacturing Manager, Engineering Manager and Senior V.P. of Operations. Relevant experience within the Oil & Gas Industry, Jim has been extensively involved on the development of products such as Composite Drill Pipe utilized by the Amoco Slim Drill Technology, Drillable Casing for Sperry Sun & Halliburton and Telescoping Antenna Mast for the US Military. When working at Clock Spring, Jim formalized method for wrapping composites onto steel pipe. As a Mechanical Engineer with a strong emphasis in material sciences, Jim is an inventor and co-inventor on numerous patents related to the structural reinforcement or corrosion mitigation devices for piping systems.