Fundamentals and Practical Aspects of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

  • This workshop addresses the present 3D Printing technologies and future advancements into manufacturing very complex parts.
  • Processing related effects on microstructure, defects, and properties will be discussed to provide guidance on process development and optimization for Gas and Oil sector products.
  • The workshop covers part design, material and process selection, machine qualification, product and process development, process optimization, qualification, and monitoring.
  • This workshop is beneficial for product designers, part manufacturers, machine owners, and Original Equipment Manufacturers engaged in Additive Manufacturing.

Dr. Chaudhury is one of the Technical Directors at Exova focused on Global Metals Technology discipline. He is very active in Additive Manufacturing industry through his involvement in America Makes, ASTM F42 committee, ASM International, SME, and industry programs. Dr. Chaudhury is a Metallurgical Engineer by trade and has long association with Aerospace and Defense manufacturing industry. He also has a strong background in Energy, Gas and Oil sector product requirements and failure analysis. He has conducted workshops and seminars for SABIC, DUBALCO, General Electric, Boeing, Honeywell, and many others. Dr. Chaudhury has conducted several Additive Manufacturing workshops in SABIC, DUBALCO, General Electric, Boeing, Honeywell and many other in US industries. He also has strong involvement in international testing and processing standards and organizations.