The Challenge in Materials Selection and Installation of Protective Coatings for High Temperature Service

  • The workshop reviews the industry leading coatings and linings technologies for high temperature service including but not limited to the latest technologies on glass enameling, high sintering temperature ceramics, metallic coatings, silicone and new ultra-high temperature hybrid based coatings.
  • This workshop provides an overview of considerations for the installation of high temperature coatings and will work through scenarios and decision making matrices to optimize material selection and installation methods.
  • This session provides insight on the quality control requirements for coatings used in high temperature service including substrate testing, adhesion testing, discontinuity testing and dry film thickness testing.

Antonio has over 18 years of combined business development, product design and corrosion protection experience. Antonio was formerly the President of FMP Coatings in Toronto, Canada. Following the recent acquisition of FMP by Castolin Eutectic GmbH, Antonio now serves as the Global Head of Polymer and Ceramic Coatings for Castolin Eutectic. Previously, Antonio worked for 8 years in the water pipeline coatings market. He chaired the American Water Works (AWWA) C-222 Standard for Polyurethane Pipeline Coatings and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) TG-281 for Polyurethane Field Applied Girth Weld Coatings. Antonio is a Materials Engineer and holds his professional license in Ontario, Canada. He is also a NACE level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector and has served in the investigation and analysis of coating related failures for both manufactures and end users.