The Evolution in Nonmetallics Materials Deployment - The Surprising Truth About Material Change

This presentation will introduce trends and transitions in the innovative application of materials that outperform steel and leverage the immediate and long term benefits of fiberglass and composite innovation. The long term and low maintenance capacity as well as material flexibility opens doors to creative cost reductions. A number of new applications will be shared and why the adoption of this technology has taken root across industry. The right and wrong uses of these technologies will be identified and shared to help others know when to apply them and introduce models that can support adoption will be provided.

Mr. Reid is the Chief Marketing Officer for NOV, where he develops the global market and strategic engine. David joined Varco International in 1992 and has lived in Scotland, California, and Houston covering roles in service, operations, design, business and product development, leadership, and management. He serves on the NOV and Schlumberger IntelliServ Joint Venture Board and in IADC and SPE leadership positions. David has influenced modern rig and equipment design and the pioneering of drilling automation and oilfield digitization.