Advances in Onshore and Underwater Repair




Solutions for Welding of Medium and Heavy Sour Service Pipelines Guillaume Graindor France

Challenges of Welding of Catalyst Tubes and Outlet Assemblies Jahangir Taghiyev Netherlands

In-Service Welding of Piping/Pipelines Madhu S Rajampalli Saudi Arabia

Weld Overlay - The Smart Way to Extend Tower Lifetime and Keep Your Shutdowns Under Control John Petticrew Europe

Repairing of Subsea Crude Oil Pipeline Using Composite Anwar Parvez Saudi Arabia

Subsea Pipeline Repair Readiness Approach for Efficient Underwater Repairs Riyadh Al-Shiban Saudi Arabia

Smart Mechanical Subsea Pipeline Repair Systems John Charalambides UK

Mechanical Systems For Subsea Pipeline Repair In Saudi Aramco: A Case Study Riyadh Al-Shiban Saudi Arabia

The Application of Pre-Heating for Dry-Spot Underwater Welding ElleftheriaDeligeorges Australia

Subsea 7 Capabilities for Hyperbaric Welding JoarGangenes UK

Subsea Welding Options Jack Steinmetz UAE