Advancements in Welding Processes and Technologies




Automation and New Welding Processes for the Fabrication of Corrosion-Resistant Pipelines Borja Saiz Spain

From Construction Steel to Duplex – The Revolutionary forceArcpuls GMAW Process Variant A. Burt, B. Ivanov Germany

Corrosion Resistance and Weldability: A Challenge for Superduplex Filler Metals Bernd Hoberg Germany

Optimization of Semi-automatic Welding Process parameters for SAW using Response Surface Method and Genetic Algorithm Muhammad Asad Ahmad Saudi Arabia

Manufacturing of Nickelbase-Overlays: Comparison of Various Welding Technologies under Consideration of Clad Properties Egerland.Stephan Austria

Minds Are Changing: TIG Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry Hans-Peter Mariner France

Lasers in Cladding and Weld Overlay: Applications and Challenges Sai Srinivas Mudiam USA

Characterization of GTAW-Pulsed Weld Overlay with 97.5% Argon & 2.5% Hydrogen Gas Using Inconel 625 & Inconel 825 for Better Productivity and Corrosion Resistance Zafer J.Jeha Saudi Arabia

Possible ways of increasing deposition rates by using hot wire during GMAW hardfacing SALWO Trading Ltd. UAE

Recent Developments of Automation and Robotics in Welding Technologies Dr. Mustafa Kocak Turkey

Advanced Seamless Tubular Wires for Oil and Gas Industry Andreas Holzner Saudi Arabia